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Truth first - Hannity Grace is not my real name. I like it enough for it to be my real name but my 38 years ago my parents had other ideas. I like my real name too but I want to write whatever crosses my mind here without worry about being Dooce'd

I have had many blogs over the years and have made some great friends along the way – some of who I am friends with in real life now.
Most of my previous blogs have been about a whole lot of nothing and I want to change that with this blog.

In the last year I have started doing a lot of thinking about what really makes me happy. I have all the basics down.

  • A great loving family that I am close with

  • An amazingly supportive and loving husband who is also my best friend

  • The world's best dog (excusing her grumpiness in her old age)

  • A job working with people I like

  • So what more could I possibly looking for? Actually I am looking for less:

  • Less debt

  • Less chaos

  • Less drama

  • This blog is my place to chronicle my journey toward simplifying all of these.


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